The Individual Ritual
“The Mandala of the Milky Way”



On this galactic journey you will rise above time and gain the power of Satya Yuga i.e. power of goodness, love, health and abundance right now and during Kali Yuga. The infinitely wise Avatars, praying for the whole
Earth, asked the Masters of Time to give a chance to God’s chosen ones, the most spiritual women of the world to understand the great Mystery of the Milky Way to become the mistress of their destiny! To help all loved ones and the planet as a whole!

In the great ritual, “Mandala of the Milky Way”, you will unite with the power of sacred time. The Masters of the Cosmos have agreed to reveal the secret of time and to help bright souls to acquire the talents of the God-Man, whose consciousness is united with the power of eternity.

You will stand in the center of the Vector of Time and will be able to overcome earthly situations, solve complex problems, heal yourself and heal your loved ones.

You will stand above time and see the Mandala of the movement of the entire solar system around the center of the galaxy i.e. the Milky Way. You will be comprehending with your soul, with your heart the supreme plan of God. You will gain unlimited opportunities that Satya Yuga gives. Prosperity and love will rule the world. At this time, you will conduct the Power of Satya Yuga through you. You will clothe the earth, your country and your clan in a Protective Sphere of Light.  The Power of Satya will be in your destiny even if Kali Yuga i.e. the winter of the Solar System remains around.

On the physical level, this ritual opens up great talents of intuition: you will feel with your heart what choice to make in any given situation.  Your immunity will improve, tissue regeneration will occur at the cellular level, and there will be gradual healing of all chronic diseases that came from Kali Yuga.

You will be a source of happiness, optimism and joy for many people around you! Even in the most difficult situation you can find a way out. 

Peace and love will enter your relationships: the basic qualities of Satya Yuga Beings!

This ritual has three levels of immersion:

1. The First Level of the Ritual (300):
You will gain the power of Satya Yuga, which will illuminate your destiny with 10 billion thousand Suns. You will acquire tremendous faith in your mission. Optimism and joy will fill you and your affairs. You will become a source of optimism and faith for many.

2. The Second Level of the Ritual (500):
You will receive a special Mantra with which you will be able to invoke the power of 10 billion Suns. You will become the mistress of your emotional state, and thus the mistress of your destiny. You will see and create beauty in everything. To you will come the conscious discipline of spiritual practices. Material and financial opportunities will be attracted to you like a magnet.

3. The Third Level of the Ritual (1000):
You will be given the crystal that the Avatars charged in the center of the Milky Way galaxy. It will give you the opportunity to heal your loved ones with this stone, and with your presence, fill them with optimism and happiness. You will become a talisman of good luck for all your loved ones and for your Nation!

Having passed the ritual, you will receive the status: “Goddess of the Milky Way”. This is one of the steps of unlocking the 108 talents of the Woman of Power. You were born to be a Goddess! Remember that the happiness of all your loved ones depends on you. As you go through the rituals, you are healing their lives!

You are the perfection of God! We are waiting for you to have the Power!