“The Secret Constellation of your soul”

Since ancient times, the sun has symbolized the masculine principle, and the starry sky the feminine. Therefore, on a woman’s body, there are special points and channels that connect into energetic constellations. This is the individual constellation of your soul. These are the flows of energy of your destiny. When your soul was born, stars of your Soul simultaneously lit up in the sky in all worlds.

This constellation – these are point-stars on your body that possess great power. By activating them, we can awaken hidden magnetic centers and channels of abundance and female good fortune in the subtle bodies.

The ritual “The Secret Constellation of your soul”:
💠 Your relationship will change: ideal relationships in which you are valued, cherished, and given gifts. Whatever you desire, you will easily attain.
💠 Health of the body through star energy. Female Beauty and attractiveness will unfold in you 100%.
💠 The starlight will direct healing energy to all your loved ones, heal them, and remove obstacles from their lives.
💠 The unfolding of the destiny of your Soul, and the main purpose of your life will begin to flourish.

My dear, you still don’t know what ancient, great, and wonderful female power slumbers within you. It’s time to awaken and attain female harmony.


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