The secret of wish fulfillment

Beautiful and light soul, you are not reading these lines by chance! If you are reading this message, it means that Divine providence and your prayers have led you to this page. When you engage in spiritual practices, a fire of love ignites in your heart. Right now, a flow of goodness, protection, and assistance from the light Spirit Helpers is being directed towards you because your soul is of a high level of development 😇

The secret of wish fulfillment

Today, the veil of mystery will be partially lifted for you! Do you want to know where the Woman of Power draws her Power from, the one who achieves everything and always? 🌺✨

My precious, in order for all your desires to be fulfilled, you need to fill yourself with Energy. The main reason why our desires are not fulfilled is due to a lack of energy for their realization. We strongly want something, dream about it day and night, but we do nothing because we simply lack the power to manifest that cherished desire.

By attending our seminars, participating in individual rituals, and connecting with Objects of Power, you receive this coveted Energy. And then you need to properly direct it in order for your specific desire to be fulfilled. A tremendous, colossal power is being directed towards you right now as you read these lines. Can you feel it?

If yes, it means that you are a special and light soul capable of receiving Universal energy and transmitting it to others. Do you want to learn how to do that? Watch the “Miracles of the Flow” video, where you will discover the secret of wish fulfillment that all Women of Power utilize.

Dear, from the video, you understood how important it is to be able to direct the energy flow after the seminar. It is easy to do this by following the recommendations given to you in this letter. Following these recommendations is an essential requirement for achieving the desired results! We have gathered the most effective practices and meditations for you to channel the energy you receive towards manifesting your dream.

Especially for such special souls with a high purpose like you, we have created a remarkable animation masterpiece. Watch each episode of the spiritual series “Life after Life” attentively and multiple times, especially episodes 8 and 12. By doing so, you will learn to see the subtle level, spirits, and angels, and perhaps even communicate with high souls of subtle level.

And from episode 6, you will learn:

– How to create an outstanding masterpiece or make the greatest discoveries?
– How to implant your thoughts in another person?
– What happens to the soul after death?
– What are ghosts really?
– The healing power of prayer.


Watch Episode 6

The Great Books of Humanity

If you have a thirst for the unknown, if you yearn to unravel the mysteries of the world and discover the meaning of life on Earth, then the sacred knowledge of the Great Shamans and Ancestors is revealed to you. 🙏🏼 This is the very power that has helped many generations to heal, gain the patronage of Higher Powers, and achieve wealth, health, and success. ✨

Dear, we congratulate you! The knowledge that holds the answers to all your questions is available to you. We present to you spiritual books that contain valuable knowledge about how the world is structured and how to live in it to find your happiness.

Read the Great Books

As a searching soul, possessing a kind heart and desiring goodness for the whole world, you will greatly benefit from being a part of a real seminar!

What is a seminar?
It is a celebration!
It is the solution to all complex situations!
It is a space of unity where women come together for prayer and assistance to their loved ones and all your lineage!

We are holding live meetings and in-person training sessions with mentors, where you can immerse yourself in practices and be filled with healing Power. There might be such a meeting in your city soon – find out about it from the representative of the Power in your city.

With great love, we have prepared a magical video for you about:

-How you can unlock your magical abilities, learn to cast spells, and predict the future
-How to enter the Magical world by the shortest path
-What awaits you at the first seminar? And what awaits you at the end of the training!
-What limits your superpowers and how to remove those barriers
-When to immediately turn to the Conductors of Power

Please make sure to watch all the videos in this playlist

My dear, I want to tell you about a very important step on the path to happiness – individual rituals.

An individual ritual is the purification of the karma of your lineage from all negative aspects and the creation of a positive future for yourself and your loved ones. During an individual ritual, a tremendous amount of energy is accumulated in the aura to manifest any desire, to change the entire destiny, to unfold your purpose and all hidden abilities. Do you want this, my dear?

Then with immense love and joy, we present to you the video where you will find out everything

How to choose a Spirit Helper?

Are you ready to learn a little more about … spirits?

During our seminars, we often communicate with the Spirits that reside in Objects of Power. I’m sure you already understand that an Amulet is not just a piece of jewellery; it is a vessel for a Spirit. The Spirit residing in the Amulet possesses a special power and has a specific purpose, such as protection, healing, helping to find a soulmate, or attracting wealth.

Are you ready to learn more about magical objects and how Spirits assist people? Then watch the following videos attentively:

What are magic objects for: talismans, amulets, charms?
How an amulet can help yourself and your entire family
Where and how to place Power Amulets in your home
How to unlock superpowers with the help of amulets? How to heal?
Your amulet is eagerly waiting for you. Hurry up and claim your treasure!


Find a spirit helper

How to fill your life with happiness

Difficulties can arise for everyone, and there may be obstacles on the path to your goals. Karma of the lineage, celestial alignments, and our environment all influence us and the speed at which our desires are fulfilled. The most important thing is not to give up and remember that all difficulties are given to make us stronger, wiser, and more tolerant! It is through our efforts that we grow and unlock our abilities. The key is to do it with joy and a smile. There are no obstacles in life, only steps of growth!

Start your day with recommended spiritual practices, and you will immediately feel a tremendous surge of energy! Difficulties will start to resolve themselves, and the energy will be directed towards manifesting your desires.

Open the channel with free spiritual practices

Dear, if you ever lose contact with the mentors, write to this Telegram account https://t.me/hot_line_23 or to email hello.eng@amazon1.org

You will always be helped to get in touch with the mentor and continue your spiritual conversation🙏

With love and prayer for you, my dear, beautiful soul!

If you have read this newsletter until the very end, if these words resonate in your heart, it means that you are a very chosen, special soul, destined to always be in the flow of Universal energy. ✨

May blessings be with you, Pearl of God.

Until we meet again!