How does past life affect a person’s life’s path? We often address  this difficult topic, trying to help each student to uncover their potential at the seminars and online courses. In this article,  we would like to share three factors of one’s life’s purpose  that shape your mission in this lifetime.



Your  past incarnations determine who you are  in your present life.  The talents and abilities that you will uncover in this lifetime are also determined by your past lives. If there is something that you’re effortlessly good at, then this suggests that you carried this talent from  your past life’s experiences. For example, if you were an artist in your past life, then you feel drawn  to painting and designing in this life. If you were a speaker in your past life, you can easily communicate with people. Remember what  you love doing the most.   Something you really enjoy  doing. All of your skills and talents will help you  form the basis for finding  your life’s purpose.
A talented person is a person with an experienced soul.
Do not be afraid to explore new horizons. Each new step on your path of self-development brings you is  new knowledge and experience. How can you find out  who you were in your past life? It is necessary to receive karmic diagnoses  and a diagnosis   of your predestination. Do you know that you can have access to the  power and energy from your past incarnations? You don’t  know how to do this? Don’t worry, our project will help you discover your hidden talents. We will teach you everything!


Elena, Athens:

“I’m a sports commentator. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? But to be honest, I never really liked it. For many years I had the feeling that I turned the wrong way somewhere on my life’s path. Karmic diagnoses helped me  figure it out. During the diagnosis  I found out that I was a sculptor in my past life!

I started making  figurines  of famous people and am now selling them on my Instagram. Surprisingly, this business brings me good income.

But most  importantly, it brings me happiness and absolute joy!”


blankA cosmogram is your cosmic passport or natal chart. We are sure you know your zodiac sign, the year and date of your birth. There is no doubt that you have even read about your zodiac sign. Do you know that this is but a tiny part of  information on  your real horoscope?
Indeed, ordinary horoscopes often only take into account the position of the Sun, not considering other planets and their influence on the Earth.  Each one of them had their specific placement   when you were born. Imagine if we say stop  Imagine if we were to take a picture of each planets’ orbits at the moment of your birth  and transfer them to a chart?
This is not fantasy, it’s  reality! This  chart is your  individual cosmogram.
Tutors and mentors of the Field of Love project can make a natal chart and help you understand this complex astrological science.


Diana, Nantes:

“I could never deal with anger, to be more precise, I could not control my anger. Someone would  say that it is not a big deal that I am short-tempered. Yes, but my tempest of anger disturbed my career and personal life. I certainly tried to work with it. I was seeing a  psychologist and even took some medicine. It didn’t help…

My sister invited me to a group class one day. That was my first time hearing about the natal chart. I was very interested in getting one for myself. The tutor read my chart  during the individual consultation.

That’s when  I found out the roots  of my uncontrolled aggression.

It was the influence of one of the most militant planets—  Mars.

Practices and seminars helped me  correct this. My life has changed a lot: I started having less  conflicts,  I became more successful in my professional life, and I also met my soulmate. Thank you for this natal chart! ”


blankEach one of us has the karmic power of two lineages, of the male and female lines. All positive and negative events  of  your life are connected to  the fate of your ancestors. That is why sometimes we can observe how events keep reoccurring  from generation to generation. For example, a woman might commit the same mistakes as  her mother. She can not succeed at work or  has financial problems. She hardly understands that she is stuck in a karmic trap.
Let’s not  forget about disease. Scientists have already proven that the quality of our genes  affects our health and makes us vulnerable to hereditary diseases. There is something that scientists still cannot see through a microscope and explain from  a  scientific point of view—it’s  the karmic history of one’s  lineage, which goes back seven generations. It is the previous seven generations that directly affect your life today!
Can it be changed? It can! Our project will help you clear  the karma of your lineage and remove all diseases and issues for good.  Karma is cleared  if a person sincerely wants to change their  situation and improve the lives of their family members.  While striving to fulfill their mission, they fill the genetic karma with life-giving energy and free close ones from any problems and diseases.
Your  relatives may not even believe in what you are doing. They may not support you and they can even condemn you. It does not matter. Forgive them for their skepticism and continue to spread love.

Marisa, Lisbon:

“I got married very young, just like my mom. Same as my mother, I divorced early.  Then I had two more unsuccessful marriages. Just like my mom did! I repeated her patterns  unknowingly. 

I knew the ending of this story early on.  After all, my mother’s  life was unfolding  before my eyes. She was left alone after her  last relationship, and she gave up on her personal life. So, I thought that loneliness awaits me too.

But I decided to change this. I saw an advertisement for a  spiritual school one day. I came to the mentor  and shared  my story after the seminar. I was recommended to undergo a ritual of a karmic  clearing. 

Incredible, but true: I got married again. I have been living in complete harmony and love with my spouse for 7 years! I changed my fate and I hope that all the future generations of women from  my lineage will be as happy  as I am!” 

Do you want to be fulfilled in your life and  draw happiness and success into your fate?
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