My dear, beloved soul!
Congratulations, you have registered for the seminar!
This important step is the beginning of your great journey towards happiness and prosperity.
You are very dear to us because you are an angel who has come to this earth to bring happiness and to help people.
If you have any questions, write to us via email: hello.eng@amazon1.org

My dear, you have many abilities that will reveal themselves more and more in a seminar with your mentor! The mentor is waiting for you and has already asked about you. She is already adjusting herself, sees your future, provides you with individual recommendations that correspond to your high level, your skills and talents.🙏

This seminar is one of the stages of a training course on rare ancient practices. Each subsequent stage (seminar) enhances the effect of the previous one. At the end of all 12 levels, you will receive a certificate as a Healer of Higher Cosmic Energy.

The program offers you unique sacred ancient rituals to help your loved ones and the entire family. Fast-acting energy practices to resolve financial difficulties and health situations. Knowledge that transforms consciousness and helps build ideal relationships with people and your soul mate.

Dear, we want to take care of you and help you prepare for the seminar. So that knowledge and energy change your fate more deeply for the better and help your loved ones, it is important that you read the book:

On this page you will find all important knowledge and videos for you:

My dear, in order to fully participate in the program, please bring everything you need to participate in the seminar:

💠 Photos of loved ones, children, cats, dogs and all pets
Yoga mat
Please bring your own lunch and some snacks, such as crackers and cookies
Your favorite cup, plate and cutlery for lunch

Dear, a week before the meeting you will receive a reminder with information about the meeting point.

We are pleased to give you a GIFT – a real treasure – sacred knowledge, with the help of which energetic and physical healing, a harmonization of relationships with loved ones, a change in your fate and the fate of the entire family occur:

We want to share with you a secret that will help you become successful, happy and help all the people who love you. Remember your friends, acquaintances that you love. Now you can give them a gift they will thank you for all their lives! Invite a friend you know to a live meeting in your city in a women’s circle. This is an ancient cosmic law – help others and God will help you – you yourself will be under the flow of happiness and light, and the same flow will come to this woman. This is the ancient cosmic wisdom about female happiness. Try it now – stand in the flow of light!

Here you will learn more about how this wonderful law of happiness works and how you can use it to change your destiny and that of your loved ones 🙏

Help people and God will help you: 

Dear, the room of avatars is always full of angels and spirits who fulfill all wishes! Here you can also familiarize yourself in advance with the most important amulets for you, each will help you in a specific area of ​​life:

Due to your high spiritual level, we recommend that you take part in both group work and an individual session. This is how you can achieve the optimal growth and insight for yourself.

My dear, give this knowledge to everyone to whom you wish well-being, happiness, health, resolution of important life situation – here lies the key to solve all your problems!

My dear, we would like to invite you to the one and only spiritual school for women of higher predestination

Every Wednesday
Ritual to heal all problems, reveal superpowers and help people and online course for new students

Every Thursday
Online course for existing students.

We look forward to meeting you!