My dear, we congratulate you and joyfully present you with a gift – the music of transformation for healing. Perhaps you never suspected it, but if you are reading this message, you have a very unusual destiny. Your heart is very loving and your soul possesses deep wisdom.

Now, turn on this track of transformation music. The enchanting sounds may seem unusual to you at first. Cosmic music, which lies beyond our understanding, penetrates with every sound into the very center of your being and spreads as pleasant warmth throughout the body. You can feel how the body relaxes, thoughts dissipate, and clarity arises.

At this moment, the cells of the brain, bones, and all tissues are healing. The energy envelops you. It removes stress and anxiety. It’s as if you were in an ancient Tibetan temple near the peak of Kailash, where the wind blows, the stars are so close, and you can touch eternity.

It seems as if this music, like this space, has always existed. You feel a flow of good, light energy descending upon you, filling you with health, clarity, luck, and success.

Listen to this music every night before you go to sleep, and in just 3 days, you will feel different: lighter, more joyful, more successful, and healthier.

This music was composed by one of the greatest composers. And he is not just a composer, he has also written books that you can read.

My dear, we present you with a gift – great books, an animated masterpiece, videos, mystical images, and much more, all compiled in the unique online magazine “7 Steps to Your Happiness”.


You are a real angel with a huge loving heart – and, truly, this is your most important superpower. You heal your loved ones with your love; right now the energy of Light is coming to them through you.

Therefore, it is to you that the Greatest Sign has been transmitted!

“When all 4 tambourines of the Avatars tremble! When all 108 amulets of the shaman’s sacred costume begin to sing their shamanic song! When the waters of the river of the Sacred Land of the Initiates flow backwards, the Sacred Knowledge will be passed on to the chosen souls who have incarnated on Earth to help all mankind!”

⭐⭐⭐    It has happened!    ⭐⭐⭐

What was previously the secret property of the Closed Temples of Tibet, is now opening up to you like a staircase to the Seventh Heaven. Step by step, you will reach a state of absolute happiness and will be able to fill with Light and Love all those who are dear to you.

The Ladder to God is built on a completely new extraterrestrial Knowledge! Enjoy every grain of Truth.


Stage 1

Shamanic Wisdom

blankWhen people understand this great, priceless knowledge, it will give them an understanding of why misfortunes occur on Earth, what causes disease and how to solve their problems with the help of the Spirits.

Shamanic knowledge had been lost, only its echoes remained, no one has had a complete picture of shamanism until today!

To help the people of the Earth to perceive this Great Knowledge, an animated film about shamanism has been created through the efforts of the Avatars.

It is incredible, and striking in its uniqueness, as a film adaptation of the book. The first series is already available for you.

Watch carefully and do subscribe to the YouTube channel so as not to miss each new episode.

Don’t forget to share the videos with those who are dear to you and to whom you wish happiness!


Stage 2

Secrets of Eternity

My Dear friend, your Great wise soul is being led by the brightest and most beautiful of the guiding stars, which is why right now we’d  like to show you the new episodes of the brilliant animated masterpiece “Life after Life”, which has answers to absolutely every question from the beginning of time!

Never before has wisdom been conveyed in such a vivid, understandable and accessible form!

This is the second step to the Seventh Heaven of your happiness:

Find out
👸 How you can rediscover your past lives and change the karma of the your Lineage
😔 Why suffering exists and how to avoid it
😇 The meaning of life on Earth and how to realise your destiny

Discover these and much more that is sacred, mysterious and previously unknown in the new series “Life after Life”. Superpowers are revealed from watching this animation!

Beloved friend, please watch and take inspiration from the new episodes of the animated masterpiece!

Step 3
The Wisdom of Ages

Dear friend, here are further sensational contributions about the spiritual world – new books created for those who follow the spiritual path. This sacred knowledge, accessible only to a very narrow circle of initiates, was once only passed from mouth to mouth in the most ancient Temples, but, through the choice of fate, this knowledge is now in your hands. Read these books, and reread them several times, only then will the Truth be able to enter into you and change your life.
This knowledge will provide healing not only for you, but also for everyone you love!


Within these books there are magical images that have been created with infinite love, able to carry great energy, and change the very destinies of mortals. Pass on this Greatest Wisdom to all women, use these magical illustrations in your Circles to explain cosmic laws and to convey ultimate knowledge!

Step 4
Exalted Emotions

Beloved soul! Now is the time to consolidate your knowledge with practice. You must surely have been thinking about where to invest in the spiritual practices that will be invaluable to your soul, will help you learn more about yourself and the world through such experiences.
Here is a real treasure for you – spiritual practices that will fill your soul with sublime states and sublime emotions! It is such subtle energy that heals the body, frees us from bad experiences and suffering, stimulates our brains, makes us wiser, more creative, more confident and truly alive!

This has never previously been available to humans anywhere – after all, these are new practices of the Temples of the Country of Initiates.

Perform these practices every day, and you will see how, not only your life will change, but also you will see the improvements in the lives of everyone who is dear to you. Your loved ones will be healed and recovered, they will become successful, more friendly, and deep emotional contact will be restored within the family ▶️ 


Step 5
Your guide to the world of the soul


Dear friend, your desire to develop and improve is the most sacred wish a person can have! That is why the Universe will help and take care of you. We have uploaded new videos with answers to your questions to our YouTube channel – these include our deepest and most sacred knowledge, so that you will be able to understand how to walk this spiritual path and avoid your energy being sapped, how you can continuously increase the level of your Divine Feminine Power and always be bright, loved and experience good luck in everything!

This is the Greatest Knowledge that we have collected together bit by bit in order to give it to you!


Step 6
Individual ritual


Individual rituals enable the purification of the karma of the family from all negative aspects, and the formation of a beneficial future for yourself and your loved ones. During an individual ritual, a colossal amount of energy accumulates in your aura embodying all your desires, helping to change your whole fate, revealing purpose and your hidden abilities.

If you feel that there is some situation in your life that bothers you, or if you want to enter into deeper practice, you can find individual help here:


And if you have already completed the individual practice, it is very important to follow the recommendations afterwards. You will find them at the following.


Step 7
Seminars at the Places of Power

Our mission is to help as many people as possible. Everything on Earth seems so transient now, so, it is all the better, when there is the opportunity, to awaken people’s superpowers, through spiritual practices and the channelling of their spiritual energy. ✨

The knowledge that we impart through our seminars is the key to happiness and well-being for you and all your relatives and friends! As you engage, not only will you yourself feel good, but also your relatives and friends will feel good.

And be sure to ask the Power Guide at the next seminar to send you your Spirit Assistant in the form of an amulet or talisman. The Mentor will tune in to you and identify for you exactly the spirit that will help you achieve your cherished goal.

Remember that you are one of the chosen by the spirits, and your Amulet has been waiting for you for a long time. You can find more about this on the website

Dear friend, the world of spiritual development is an amazing, exciting, endless journey that goes even beyond our Earthly existence. We are very happy for you, because you are standing on the road that leads to happiness. You, yourself, are a divine flower – a highly developed spiritual creature, and we are happy to support and help you on your path.

Beloved friend, look out for new events, new practices and greater knowledge!

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Every day we carefully select practices and knowledge relevant for this particular period. This is an aid to your development and will help you and everyone you love.

We love you very much and are waiting for you! Please share these treasures with other people who are open to spiritual knowledge! This will be your best gift of gratitude to the Universe itself!