Greetings, dear! 🙏

💫A unique spiritual animated film based on the great mind-transforming book “Life after life” has been released💫
This animated film depicts deep meaning and gives answers to all life’s questions, in its entirety. Check it out for yourself and watch the animated film carefully.

Hurry up and follow the link and watch the Animated Masterpiece “Life after life”!
More episodes are coming soon 🔥


You have traveled a long way and have gained deep knowledge! I thank you for multiplying the energy of light in the world, strengthening your lineage, and becoming a conduit for power. I remind you that there is an energetic connection between us, and I will send you support! 💫

📢Dear, I remind you of the importance of following the recommendations you received at the seminar. Don’t forget about them as the benefits that you’ve obtained at the seminar depend on it.

At the seminar, you showcased yourself as a very talented student. As a shaman, I see your soul. It shines! And it is ready to receive even more wisdom and knowledge! I will be helping you even when we won’t be together— you can always get advice and receive shamanic teachings in my videos and, in my new Telegram channel, accessible to all my students.
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Miracles await you! You are the hope for the salvation of your lineage. 💗
I am passing on a gift to you. It will help you restore harmony in your family and gain mutual understanding with your loved ones. 💞 Please do the following meditation: 🧘🏻‍♀️


💫 Dear! In order to fill your lineage with strength , fulfill your destiny, and fulfill all your desires, it is important that you don’t stop on you journey of self-development. Allow the power that you have received at the seminar to flow into your family tree .
Your path will be like a staircase leading to a happy life.

1.  Your next step will be participating in an individual ritual and obtaining your personal magical object 📿🔮 that will fulfill all of your wishes and solve any difficult situation.


Choose your spirit helper who will accompany you until our next meeting.


2.  Dear! To help you bring strength into your lineage, fulfill your destiny, achieve all of your desires, and to ensure that the power you received at the seminar is infused into your Family Tree, I am giving you a free lesson from the course. Keep doing your online classes to uplevel energetically and become more powerful every day!


3.  The Universe is incredibly generous with those who help others. 🙏💖 By inviting other women to join our classes and seminars, you can help your family and children in all spheres of life: health, relationships, and even in the most complex karmic situations related to your lineage. 🌳💫 This will quickly generate positive karma for you and your entire lineage. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👩‍❤️‍👨 It will bring novelty into your destiny, fill it with creativity, diversity , inspiration from self-realization, and the full realization of your potential!
Write me an email if you are ready to receive this Power hello.eng@amazon1.org

4.  Did you know that there is a group of like-minded women in your city who, like you, are striving for happiness and personal growth? Join the women’s circle in your city. Message/Email me and tell me about your wishes and dreams, and I will guide you further/towards the next steps

Dear, do you feel the amount of energy inside of you? It seems like you are filled with energy like never before!
Do you know what this means? It means that soon you will want to increase your energy reservoir! Which will help you get even more energy for your family, your lineage, your hobbies, and even charity!
What do you need to do for that? Of course, you’ll have to keep working on yourself.
See you at our live events. 🙏

I believe that you can do it all! ❤️