Who am I? Why did I come into this world? Have you ever asked yourself such questions? Congratulations! This means that you’re on the right path and your Soul is very wise! These questions will help you understand your soul’s purpose, and thereby fulfill yourself, become happy and successful. You deserve it, dear Soul!


Do you want to find soul’s purpose? Have you ever wondered what the meaning of your life is? And what your soul’s purpose is? Or Have you ever thought that I can embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, dedicated to finding my soul’s purpose and living a fulfilling life? We are sure you have! You would not be reading this article if you haven’t asked yourself these questions yet. The desire to find an answer to this question indicates that you are an old soul, you have gone through many incarnations. In today’s fast-paced world, many individuals seek guidance on how to find soul purpose and discover a deeper sense of fulfillment in life. Now you have come to the main task— fulfill your mission on Earth.


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Now let’s reflect on why the meaning of life is so important to us. Where does this spiritual hunger that haunts us come from? Self-exploration and soul’s purpose go hand in hand, as delving into our inner depths allows us to uncover and live in alignment with our true calling. It makes you ask yourself: Who am I? Why am I here? What is the meaning of my life? What should I do to fulfill myself?

What is soul’s purpose? We start with a simple one. We ask our students about their physical hunger. This is when we crave food uncontrollably and cannot think of anything else. It’s hard to believe, but there are different kinds of hunger. There is not only physical hunger but also social and spiritual hunger.


Social hunger occurs when you strive to attain a high status in society. When you plan to buy an expensive luxury item, for example. But no matter how much you satisfy your needs, it brings only temporary satisfaction into your life. We end up eating every day because we get hungry daily, right? It is the same with social hunger. It can only be satisfied temporarily. You want more and more. More status, a career, brand items, a beautiful car…

Greta, Munich:

“My career skyrocketed four years ago. Revenues have grown respectively. I treated money with simplicity— I spent as much as I earned. Basically, I spent money on clothes, shoes, and accessories, only very expensive, top brands. At some point, I realized that my new handbag cost as much as my annual salary at the beginning of my career!

But I could not stop, I became a real shopaholic. When there was literally no more room for my clothes in my apartment, I moved to a bigger house!

It was like a terrible thirst, and I just couldn’t quench it. No matter how much I “drank”. It went on for a couple of years. This thirst exhausted me completely. I ended up completely alone: my colleagues considered me a heartless careerist, my friends thought I was a conceited snob, and my parents treated me like a crazy shopaholic.

It’s hard for me to blame them for this because I acted like that. But it was not me! Somewhere inside, there was a sympathetic, kind woman who I used to be.

I didn’t know what to do. I was saved by the teachers. During the individual session of my soul’s purpose, they explained that the woman with the social hunger was not the true me. Only the search for the true Self, which would help me understand who I am and why I came into this world, is able to quench my inner thirst.

Thanks to the practices and seminars, I was able to find myself. I found self-realization in charity.

After all, I had so much money and I couldn’t only spend it on handbags 🙂
Now, together with other volunteers, I am helping refugees from restrictive regions. Communicating with them once again proved how insignificant my previous goals were. It also showed me what a blessing it is to help others!”


The third type of hunger is the spiritual one. Our soul travels with us, going through many reincarnations and lives. Believe it or not, this is not the first time you have incarnated on this Earth. You could have been of a different gender, of different social status, and you could’ve had a different profession in your past incarnations. But, despite all these variables, one thing remains unchanged— your soul. Discovering the meaning and soul’s purpose in life is a transformative quest that leads to profound fulfillment and a sense of profound direction. It does not change and travels with you into every new physical body. What makes it travel again and again? The goal of the soul is to uncover its purpose, to fulfill its mission on Earth.


My dear soul, with great love, I am sending you the links to the incredible books that will help you to discover your soul’s purpose, explore your supernatural powers, unlock your inner potential and become very successful in all areas of life.
Please check them out and read a few pages each day.


Until the soul has found the answers to its questions, it will not calm down and will feel hungry all the time. So, you will keep incarnating over and over again. To satisfy this hunger and get rid of suffering, you must fulfill your soul’s purpose, or you will be burdened by the thought of the meaninglessness of your life.

What is food for the soul? The applause and appreciation of others, admiration and promotion, money and great opportunities? All of this seems to be relevant, but this is food for a false personality and your ego, not your soul.

The soul feeds on the joy of people around you, on the gratitude for your good and kind deeds, on love and smiles. Ways to find soul’s purpose involve introspection, self-reflection, and aligning with our deepest passions and values. Your soul feels happy if you bring people light and joy.

Joan, Washington:

“I am a person who gets carried away quickly. I have tried all possible hobbies and sports in my life. I also kept switching jobs over and over. I tried all kinds of jobs: bartending, tattooing, sales. I was a florist, a photographer, an insurance agent etc.

But no job nor hobby made me happy. I changed cities, countries, and continents. I met and quickly broke things off with people. Years passed, and I rushed back to them. I kept thinking about the finish line, where I would receive my prize.

I would still be following a non-existent goal, not understanding what I’m missing for happiness if I hadn’t participated in the seminar. At the seminar, I understood that I could not realize myself because I did not understand my true purpose. How could I uncover it? Special diagnoses and advice from the teachers and a lot of spiritual and energy work helped me.

In those classes, I also met people like me who were looking for meaning and were driven by spiritual hunger.

The seminars and the retreats at the Places of Power satisfied this hunger. Also, the volunteering projects that I started participating in. Now I am a curator in an organization that deals with the preservation of rare species of animals and plants. I see now that every task I do at work during the day makes our planet a little better. It is very inspiring, gives me strength and, most importantly, makes me happy!”

If you feel spiritual hunger, we recommend doing a short exercise– help someone in need right now! Show your love, take care of someone, support someone with a kind word, listen, or talk to the person in need. You must remember that this does not necessarily mean financial help. It is important to care for other people.

Our seminars, retreats and individual sessions will help quench the spiritual hunger. Embarking on this journey to discover and fulfill life mission can bring clarity, purpose, and a deep sense of fulfillment to your existence. You are also invited to join our online classes which are now conducted by our teachers.


In conclusion, the journey to find soul’s purpose is a personal and transformative quest. It requires self-exploration, reflection, and listening to your inner voice. The most lucky Souls who accumulated the positive Karma from past life has the chance to find Guru in this life and ask questions from Sage. Understanding the purpose of life and purpose of soul provides a guiding light that illuminates our path and infuses each day with meaning and significance. A person can do so if he embraces authenticity and follow his passion. However, it is not a destination but an ongoing process of personal growth and self-discovery. Trust in your intuition, explore meaningful experiences, and live a life in alignment with your values. Embrace the journey and unlock a path to fulfillment and purposeful living.