Methodical Guide to Massage

My dear, if you are reading these lines, you are undoubtedly a wise, open, heartfelt soul whose great destiny is to help people! That’s why the greatest knowledge of the Spiritual School, unparalleled anywhere else, is here for you! How to help people through massage, how to perform a massage without taking on negative energy, self-healing, how to create a space of harmony around oneself, how to conduct massage in women’s groups and individually – all in this brief guide to healing massage.

Main Principles of Massage

1. Causes of Disease 

In Tibet, it is said that disease does not come by chance, but it is conditioned by the entire previous existence of the soul. Therefore, treating a disease is akin to changing destiny, getting rid of karma. The main causes of disease are as follows:

A person’s Karma – innate characteristics that lead them to a certain lifestyle and, as a result of this, to the diseases caused by it. At its core, karma is a person’s self-perception. Many people consider themselves weak, helpless, deprived of life, aggrieved, etc. Such persistent pessimistic thoughts, supported by a weak character, sooner or later lead to the weakening of the person, and then to the occurrence of various misfortunes. Karmic diseases are chronic and severe, difficult to cure, linked to destiny. The vast majority of diseases are karmic.

2. Astrological factors – For every person, there are unpleasant moments in life when they receive negative influences from celestial bodies and planets, leading to malaise and often to illness or even death. These changes occur with the change in the positions of celestial bodies and planets.

3. External causes – such as environmental pollution, evil will of people, epidemics, and other external factors leading to disease. These changes are fleeting and disappear if they do not lead to irreversible consequences.

Cleansing from negative external factors must be performed constantly, just as a person performs daily hygienic procedures. One must cleanse the internal organs of the body and psyche and conduct preventive and cleansing procedures.

Through the right massage, not only is the physical body affected, but also the psycho-emotional background, resulting in healing.

2. Fundamentals of Healing


1. “Not I, but through me”

To be a conductor, you need to understand that healing occurs only because the healer prays to the spirit of the Egregore for help for the person. Thus, there is a pure flow of healing during the massage, and at the same time, the conductor – the healer – is under protection from the negative energy of the disease.

2. Sacrifice

Every healing requires a sacrifice. There are 3 types of sacrifices:
• You must sacrifice your self-image, pessimistic thoughts, self-pity, and disbelief.
The second sacrifice is an incorrect lifestyle. It’s futile to heal yourself if you harm yourself every day with lack of exercise, overeating, stress, etc.
The sacrifice can be helping another, giving up a strong habit, or the simplest sacrifice – a material sacrifice. When you receive an invitation to a seminar, to an individual ritual, to acquire an amulet – it’s God giving you the opportunity to make a conscious sacrifice, a conscious step to detach from attachments, do a good deed, develop your soul. By trusting God at that moment, you open your flow of abundance even more, and God will generously reward you!

3. Healing Formula: 

Your self-relationship generates a world relationship, and it in turn generates the world’s response to you, the attitude of those around you. Obviously, this is a lengthy process, for which there isn’t always time. Therefore, in such cases, we recommend undergoing an individual ritual. An individual ritual can be a turning point in your life.

If you have a serious problem and want to solve it and eliminate the causes, a mentor can help you. They will work not only on the external manifestations of your problem but also on its cause. If you follow all the recommendations, the ritual can help you very quickly! 


Types of Massage

Tuning in

  1. Read a prayer before the beginning of healing: “O Great Divine Power! Open my heart and enlighten my mind to understand the great truth, which is my life and your grace bestowed upon me in this life! Aum!”
  2. By rubbing our hands, we raise them to the stars and chant the mantra “NAMO OM AGARTHA AUM,” and at the sound of “AUM” we lower the light of Agartha onto the patient, opening their aura with the symbol of infinity.
  3. Ideally, the healer is positioned to the right of the patient.
  4. Five types of massage movements:
    •  Rubbing
    •  Kneading
    •  Shaking
    •  Stroking
    Attention: Contraindications: fever, skin disorders, tumors, high blood pressure.


General Massage

Patient’s position – lying on the stomach.

  1. We rub the surface of the back from the lumbar up, warming up the back.
  2. Kneading of the paravertebral muscles: rolling with the fists, kneading with the fingers.
  3. The position of the hands changes. Hands are placed under the head, the head rests on the palms with the forehead. Massage of the shoulders: rubbing, kneading. We rub the area around the shoulder blades, the deltoids, the shoulder joints, the neck.
  4. Stretching and shaking arms and legs:
    •  Stretching the arms parallel to the body while lying on the stomach.
    •  Stretching and shaking the legs while lying on the stomach. Important: The legs should be slightly bent.
  5. We turn over to the back through lifting one arm.
    •  Stretching the arms parallel to the body while lying on the back.
    •  Stretching and shaking the legs while lying on the back. Important: The legs should be slightly bent.
  6. Gently, if the knees allow, we press them to the chest, and then shake the legs again.
  7. We help make a roll along the spine.
  8. With the mantra “AUM,” we close the aura. We draw the symbol of infinity without contact.


Massage of the Shoulders and Arms

  1. The person lies down on their stomach, placing the arms under the head. Or sits in a way to rest the head on the hands on the table.
  2. We rub the area of the shoulders, the shoulder blades, the shoulder joints until warm.
  3. Kneading with fists or fingers.
  4. Working with points in the area of the shoulder blades, the cervical triangle, the shoulders. Rolling in with the thumbs. And if the body mass is large, carefully with the elbow.
  5. Massage of the arms from the shoulders to the palms and back:
    •  Rubbing, kneading, twisting, shaking, stroking.
  6. Neck massage: Kneading, pressing on points, gently kneading with the fists.
  7. Massage of the occipital area.
  8. Finger massage of the head.
  9. Very light stroking:
    •  from the crown to the lumbar.
    •  from the crown alternately down the left and right arm.
  10. Closing the portal with the mantra “Aum.”

You can perform this massage on your loved ones and conduct training sessions in groups.


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