You are standing before a wonderful event. This is a very important message


Namaste, my divine, dear soul! ✨

I am so happy about the amazing changes that have occurred within you. Your eyes now radiate with healing light, your smile is filled with light and brings peace, in your aura, I see many future good deeds and joyful events. And these inner changes are already attracting changes not only in your destiny but also in the lives of all your relatives and loved ones. Thanks to your prayers, the process of healing physical and energetic diseases of the people dear to you has begun. The energy of health, wealth, and fortune is flowing through your lineage.

I am deeply grateful to you for creating an atmosphere of harmony, peace, and beauty with your presence. Thank you so much, my dear! You have not only embraced the healing energy yourself but also healed your lineage. Their souls are grateful to you. Our seminar gathering – the seminar – took place under a special astrological aspect when the channels of the ancestors are open, making it the easiest time to perform ancestral lineage cleansing.

Dear, what you are about to read is very important. Please pay special attention.

My dear, remember that seminars, magic objects, and individual practices are very significant because they allow you to gain the greatest value – subtle energy. Their vibrations are extremely powerful, and the possibilities are limitless!

And in order for your wishes to be fulfilled and your life situation to change, it is essential to direct this energy. You can achieve this by following simple recommendations that I will send you below.

My dear, adhering to these recommendations is extremely important! It is an indispensable condition for achieving results. It is especially important to follow them during specific astrological times. Currently, there are special strong astrological aspects – the vibrations of the planets favor long-term relationships, strengthen luck, and open new opportunities to help you achieve your desired goals. This is your stellar time!

By participating in seminars, individual rituals, and magic objects, you have already established a subtle connection with the mentors. And now, the mentors will travel to the sacred places of power at Kailash to pray for you and your loved ones and perform powerful rituals to assist you in fulfilling your desires and blessing your destiny.

By following the recommendations in the next four weeks, you will experience particularly noticeable results. The most important thing is to continue implementing them every day and remain in the flow of grace, love, and kindness.

Do not let doubt, fear, and dissatisfaction cloud your heart and destiny – all of this separates you from your lineage and the support of the light powers. Tune yourself to sublime experiences to receive support and energy from the sacred places of power where the mentors perform powerful rituals.

Everything will gradually improve, and all situations will be resolved. We will support you on your path to happiness!

My dear, you possess great healing abilities and the ability to communicate with spirits.
We give you a special GIFT! Make sure to watch this animated masterpiece, which contains ancient knowledge:


Through this animated masterpiece, you will find wisdom that will help attract happiness and love to your family, a secure and abundant life for yourself and your loved ones. But most importantly, this spiritual animated series will help you discover your true purpose!


Be sure to watch episodes 8 and 12! They showcase sacred knowledge that you won’t find anywhere else:
– Protection against energetic vampires
– How to summon spirits for help
– Healing at places of power
– The process of shamanic Kamlanie


Furthermore, my dear, I convey sacred knowledge to you – the books that contain answers to all your questions.
Read them and send your questions to the mentor.


You have undergone an energetic cleansing and have been filled with pure power through the spiritual mentors:
spiritual practices, individual rituals, and amulets have transformed you. This means that your life will now undergo significant changes.

Here you can click on the link to the video lessons, which serve as a gift for you!

I recommend starting with the very first lesson:

With your desire for growth, to help the world, to fulfill your great purpose, and to assist your good karma, you have attracted an incredible event – a marathon of spiritual practices by the Amazons!

My dear, you can follow the Telegram channel here:

There, the sacred practices of the Amazons will be regularly shared – these are ancient techniques of the Great Women in history that will help you fill yourself with energy to fulfill all your wishes. Don’t miss the opportunity to become happy and make your loved ones and relatives happy.

While the channel is open, invite your friends to join! Practicing together is much more interesting, easier, and more effective!

My dear, it is also very important to follow the recommendations after individual sessions with the conductor:

Practices for opening the Anahata and Vishuddha chakras are especially important for you since they conceal many talents. You have great creative powers within you and healing energy in your heart. Perform this meditation every day.   

My dear, congratulations! During the seminar, you have found spirit helpers that will now protect and help you.

It is important to have specific spirit helper in every life situation.

blankMy love, please ensure that you have spirit helpers to harmonize relationships, maintain health, protect your loved ones and living space, open the flow of abundance, and unleash your feminine power.

My dear, if you are missing an amulet, please contact your mentor or leave a request for an amulet here:

Because amulets are the first helpers for every woman who carries the true responsibility for her lineage and energetically supports her loved ones.

Listen to healing music to unfold your talents:

My dear, during the seminar, your mentor recommended a very important individual ritual for you. If, for any reason, you were unable to perform this ritual, please write to your mentor or leave your request for the ritual here:

Because this is your individual path of development and the fastest way to resolve all difficult situations in your life.

My dear, magnificent soul, during our seminar, you took an important step on your spiritual journey and achieved your new spiritual status! Now, another level is opening up for you—the next seminar. Your mentor is already creating the space for the seminar, and we eagerly await your presence. To allow the healing energy to help you even now, it is important to establish a connection with the field of the seminar. Please register here: 

Follow all the recommendations I have given—it is crucial and will lead you to full realization, excellent health, and wonderful relationships with your loved ones.

blankBut most importantly, there is a marvelous transformation within you that has occurred through your spiritual efforts. From now on, I will always be with you.
Write to me about your insights, spiritual questions, and share your life situations. I am ready to support you in everything.

I am tuned into you right now, after the seminar, and I see how you have changed. I have witnessed your heart shining with the light of love. A soul like yours possesses superpowers to help others. I have noticed that you can rescue three more women from difficult situations. These women are from your surroundings.

Please direct your attention to your heart, feel who needs help, and write to me about these women and their names.

Recommend an individual ritual with a conductor of power to them. It will be a tremendous help for them! 🙏🌸 Then I can help them.

I always find joy in hearing from you. I will pray for you every day! I await your messages and your updates. 🙏
See you soon, wonderful flower of God! ❤️✨🌹❤️💫