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We have always lived happily. I have two children, and I had a trusting and warm relationship with my husband. And now, in the 19th year of our marriage, the relationship began to turn cold. My husband was in no hurry to get home from work, and I was spending more and more evenings alone. The children also often began to argue. And then a routine examination detected a number of women's diseases. It was a very difficult period. Fortunately, I came across the ritual "Womb Cleaning" on the website. After this rite, changes began a week later. The effect simply exceeded all expectations! My husband started complimenting me, thanking me for everything, and I heard him telling his friends what a good wife I am. After work, he began to hurry to come home as soon as possible. I believe that fate has given me the opportunity to meet with the Conductor of Power and save our relationship and make it even better. But the most amazing thing is when a month later the same doctor shrugged his shoulders, as this time he did not detect any female diseases! Now my husband and I are doing well, our relationship is like a honeymoon, and I feel 20 years younger. I thank the Conductor of Power for our happy relationship.
The womb is a vessel filled with energy that fills a woman with happiness, love, and joy of motherhood, and her man with strength and success. It is important to remember that the womb becomes clogged up not only through sexual contacts but also through negative karmic memory of the lineage that can also accumulate in it. Therefore, energy womb cleansing is a necessary procedure for every woman.
This rite is for you if you want:
  • to restore and strengthen your feminine health
  • to find natural beauty and youth without surgery and cosmetic procedures
  • to build harmonious relationships and live in a happy family
  • to attract any desired things easily in a feminine way
  • to give birth to a healthy child, recover after childbirth, or strengthen the genes of your children
After the rite, the magical power of the womb awakens. You are admired, and you live in tune with nature, peace, and harmony in your family.


  • Do the "Natyam" practice in the morning, tuning in for the day:
  • Give yourself at least 5 compliments a day every day
  • Apply a shamanic amulet to the lower abdomen, performing cleansing circular movements counterclockwise to the transformation music