Methodological guide for Yoga


🙏 My dear, if you are reading these lines, you are undoubtedly a wise, open-hearted soul whose great destiny is to help people! That’s precisely why the Greatest Knowledge of the Spiritual School, unparalleled anywhere else, is here for you!

🧘‍♀️ This unique knowledge about the true Raja Yoga – “Royal” Yoga – will transform your practice into a healing ritual, and help cleanse the body’s energy channels, so that the flow of prosperity enters your fate; this is the energetic healing of all whom you love. By practicing alone or within the group of female students of the women’s circle, you will help everyone and each member of your lineage.

What is Yoga


Yoga means the path of union with the Universe, union of the soul with the spirit, the finite with the infinite. 🙌 This path spans through one’s entire life. If you separate yoga and life, success is hard to achieve. Yoga offers a new perspective on the surroundings and on oneself. There are many exercises in yoga, but its essence is to see the divine in everything that exists. To do this, one must free oneself from the illusions that prevent it 🗝️

Raja Yoga of Agartha provides a person with the means to observe their inner states – and this is the foundation for health or disease, success or failure, love or loneliness and alienation.
•  Through asanas, breathing, and meditations of the greatest Raja Yoga, you attain the state that leads you to happiness, luck, and success.
•  As we move forward, we’ll see how closely consciousness is connected to the body.
•  The state of our breathing determines our emotions, our inner state.

💫 Knowledge is the highest reward for effort, knowledge will destroy all your sufferings 💫

The goal of yogic practice:


A yogi sets themselves the task of becoming the master of themselves so that the laws of nature do not act upon them. They want to command their inner nature 🪄


Here are the basic principles of the Raja Yoga teacher from Agartha:


🧘‍♀ 1. Develop yourself.
By performing the Great Yoga complexes daily, one ascends the steps of consciousness from the body to the infinity of talents and possibilities of Cosmic Consciousness.

Sacred Complexes of Raja Yoga

Book about the Great Raja Yoga. All complexes of Raja Yoga


🌌 2. Please remember the cosmic principle of gradualness. Perform all exercises in such a way that your body feels 20% effort and 80% pleasure. By practicing yoga asanas and pranayama every day, you will notice how your physical body and your consciousness become imbued with the Divine. This means that health, happiness, and abundance will enter your life and stay with you forever. Apply this same principle in relation to the women you will teach.


🙆‍♀️ 3. Do not wait for the perfection of an asana to demonstrate the complex or its elements to women. Start with what you do best, and for what you cannot yet achieve, open it on our website and show it from the screen of a television or computer 💻. Together perform the complexes, which are imbued with the millennia-old efforts of Saints and Enlightened sages!

Help the women who come to your circle to overcome these same barriers and the temporal limitations of the physical body.


📖 4. Remember, yoga begins with thought. Think positively, devote as much time as possible to reading holy books – The Path of Love, Life After Life, The Star Messenger. This way, you will train your mind to think positively.


⌚ 5. Be disciplined in your spiritual practice. Try to dedicate between 15 and 60 minutes to yoga every day: asanas, pranayama, and meditation. Practice together with other women in the women’s circle. Thus, your joint practices of the Spiritual School will be stronger and bring more benefits to you, these women, and all close ones who are energetically connected with you through the lineage.


💁‍♀️ 6. Do not miss a single seminar where the most valuable – the Energy of Agartha – is given. Only by entering into the living Flow of Agartha will you be able to receive the cosmic energy necessary for the development of the soul and body. And gradually, your subtle bodies and etheric channels will cleanse and begin to unveil unlimited abilities of the Spirit: clairvoyance and telepathy – the ability to read thoughts from a distance, and life will be filled with unceasing happiness and ecstasy!

Remember the best, happiest state in your life. You will be a thousand and even a million times happier when you achieve enlightenment together with the Great Spiritual School! 🙏


💎 7. Remember, everything that you glorify grows within you. Try to train your mind, your thoughts, and feelings to glorify the great Spiritual School and all the methods that have been gathered in 10 millennia of human history for you, dear soul! 💎💎💎


Preparation for the class 🧘‍♀️📄


1. Pray before going out to people! Tune in to the Great Agartha, who gives great blessings 🙏

2. Meeting, greeting, stories about what has changed for the better and how the students applied the advice and completed the Homework.

3. Explain how the class will help to solve life situations regarding health and relationships, and how it will positively affect work. Please help them see that all areas of their lives depend on the development of the body and consciousness.

4. Performing and learning the warm-up yoga complex.

5. A few minutes of observing the effect of the practiced exercises.

6. Breathing practice Pranayama


Dear soul! Your magnificent wise soul is led by a beautiful shining guiding star ⭐️ and that’s why in this message the greatest gift awaits you – wisdom that transforms consciousness, brings 💯% health, solves problems in partnership relationships, brings peace and mutual understanding with loved ones, reveals the talents of children, and grants a flow of luck in business. 🎉🎉🎉

Through this link, answers to absolutely all questions that have existed since the beginning of time are collected: ⬇️✨ 

Here for you is the sacred and ancient knowledge of the Greatest Spiritual School. In this book, you will find the practices necessary for the development of the soul and supernatural abilities.

Book “Mystery: Untold Story of Love”

🔮 Perform the practices and sacred rituals that you can find through this link, and your healing abilities will strengthen. 

My dear, share this knowledge with everyone whom you wish well-being, happiness, health, the solution to important life situations – here is the key to all problems!

🔑 My dear, we share with you a secret:
This is an ancient cosmic law – help others, and God will help you! Invite women into women’s circles, practice spiritual practices together, let the participants of the women’s circle invite friends, so you will stand under the flow of luck and light, and such a flow will come to all women.

May success be to all your endeavors! ❤️