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All my life I felt I wasn’t living my life; I wanted something more, but until I came to the diagnostics to Shaman, I did not understand why I lived. After the diagnostics, I understood how to live and saw the purpose of my life. A shaman told me about it, so my heart was opened. I realized that I have waited all my life for these wise words! Now everyone wonders how I combine my favorite things, family and frequent travel. It’s all thanks to the DIAGNOSTICS! The shaman opened my eyes to what my mission is and showed the way of my soul.
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Absolutely every soul has a higher, deeper mission to help people. Only everyone does it in their own way. Some people get inspired by music, some by a desire to help homeless animals, some by building children’s centers and schools, and some just by taking care of older people.
Very often this mission is connected with your past incarnation. When diagnosing, the shaman will determine what the highest mission of your soul has come with you from past incarnations.
You will remember yourself again, and you will know where to go next. You will get answers to the most difficult questions that neither friends nor psychologists can give, only shamans. Because they can see your past, present, and future. You will do what you love, and every day you will be filled with joy. When you go your way everything is easy! Health, finances, and relationships will only make you happy.


  • Meditate every morning using the image of God, Tengri, discovering your future
  • Read the book that will open your way - "Life after life"
  • Participate in charitable actions of good and help people in need
  • Inspire 5 of your friends to subscribe to the telegram - Spiritual Channel