Kut, the Power of Lineage


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The package includes
Temple dance, connection with the energy of the Sun.
The sacred dance will complete the process of tuning into subtle vibrations and allow your body to become your conductor to the world of energies. Many positive changes in life and destiny will happen easily and quickly.

● The Prayer “Success in business”
Read this prayer when you feel that you or your loved ones need physical or energy help.

● Music of Transformation “For success in any business.”
Charge your drinking water with this music, and drink it every morning, and it will heal and charge you with energy.

● Meditation “For wealth”.
Do this video meditation in the morning so that the help of the Higher Powers will come immediately. Thanks to this meditation, your personal strength will increase, and you will be able to attract the right circumstances, people, and resources for your business and work into your life. The level of your wealth, both tangible and intangible, will increase.

● A mandala for good luck in business.
The energy waves of this mandala transform your thoughts, tuning them in on success and good luck. Thanks to meditation on this Mandala, you will attract people and circumstances that will bring you closer to another successful event.
Meditate on this ancient mandala so that the help of the Higher Powers will come immediately.