Mandala for Connection with Angel


Every soul has a guardian angel, who protects it from all failures and sorrows, helps it to rise, lift its spirits and helps it go forward.  

Meditation on this Mandala allows you to strengthen the connection with your angel, or to restore it, in case the connection has been broken due to a serious trauma. A broken connection may be the cause for a streak of failures and problems in a person’s life.

 The Mandala will help you always feel the support of someone who genuinely loves you and believes in you. 

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Thanks to the meditation on this Mandala, a special aura will be formed around you, giving to the world an understanding that you are a part of it, and then all outer space will be kindly tuned to you, protecting and defending you.

It is very important to tune in, feel the presence of your guardian angel, and turn to him before meditation.
It is recommended to undergo the ritual for good luck on the next level.