Mandala for Disease protection


This magical Mandala has a therapeutic effect, and the ancient mantras depicted on it create a powerful protection against all diseases.
The mystical field of this Mandala will cleanse your subtle bodies and channel the released energy into your healing.
You will feel an improvement in your physical and psychological well-being. And positive changes will come in all aspects of your life very soon.

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Cosmic vibrations from a continuous contemplation of this Mandala can restore a person’s energy.

Meditate on this Mandala for 21 days without interruption, and the space around you will be harmonized thanks to the expansion of your aura.

The energetic power of the Mandala will create a protective field, purify your subtle bodies from negative information, place protection on you at all levels.
After meditation on this Mandala you will feel calmness, stability, and confidence in your life.

Healthy and filled with power and energy, you will be able to discover your skill to make quick decisions and interact with the world around you harmoniously.
You are a divine flower on this Earth and you deserve the best!
So be it!