Mandala for Fulfillment of desires


The Mandala for accomplishment of your desires contains a magical mantra within itself. These special signs will create magnetic threads in the field of your aura, attracting everything you wish.
Meditation on the Mandala will awaken the feminine power of magic. You will open a blessed white road for the accomplishment of your desires with this power.

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Wishes are fulfilled instantly only when you are in a state of energetic fullness.
The vibrations of this Mandala will fill you with a higher subtle energy.

A long meditation on this Mandala, for 21 days, will connect you to the flow of abundance. It will unlock the skill of influencing those around you based on your preferences.

The energy waves of the Mandala will activate a special code in your aura that unlocks the superpower to attract everything you desire. It is a code for controlling your reality. Through it you will be able to go from a dream to a result quickly.
You will be able to influence the course of life’s circumstances without any difficulty.
Your life will turn into a magical fairy tale and all your desires will come true!
You are worthy of it!