Mandala for Joining with your inner self


This Mandala contains special signs and is designed so that with prolonged meditation on it you will easily come into contact with your inner self.

The subtle vibrations of this magical Mandala will reveal a detached self-observation in you and change your state for the acceptance of energies and merging with your Higher Self.

You will be able to receive the high-frequency energy of the Universe directly, which will give you new opportunities for spiritual development!

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Every person asks the question, “Who am I? Why was I born in this body, on this Earth? What is my mission?”
Until we connect with our inner self, we wander in the dark trying to find the answer to this question.
Meditation on this Mandala will pave the way in your subconscious to your true self. You will be able to reach a higher level in spiritual development.
Meditating on the Mandala for 21 days will help you focus on your sensations and clearly feel full awareness of yourself and help you enter your spiritual channel. You’ll be able to become detached from your body and observe your thoughts. All your questions will be answered through the silent knowledge.
The magnetic field of this Mandala will clear you of all negative blocks, emotions, delusions, and illusions.
You will be able to feel, see and understand your Light, which will guide you and empower you.

Your heart will be filled with bliss and the high vibration of love. You will become an inexhaustible source of love and divine wisdom for all those around you.