Mandala for Purification of Your Lineage


A human family tree is like a tree, where the ancestors are the roots, you are the trunk, and your descendants are the branches.
Meditation on this Mandala will help you to heal the roots of your family tree and allow the souls of your ancestors to free themselves from negative energies and fill with power.
The special vibrations of this Mandala will help you purify, strengthen, and heal your lineage through the purification of the roots, which will be able through you, as through the trunk of the tree, to transmit the energy of life and health further to the crown, to your common descendants.
And then flowers will bloom on the branches and succulent fruits will ripen as a result of your efforts.

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As a tree takes strength for its growth from Mother Earth by absorbing the sap from its roots, so also a lineage takes power for life from its ancestors.
If the roots are sick and weak the tree cannot be strong and blossom, because it does not get enough nourishment.

That is why many problems in the family, with health, money, or relationships can be found exactly in our roots, in our ancestors.

After regular meditation on this Mandala, you will feel a huge rush of power, joy, and happiness: this is the energy that has come to you from your ancestral roots, and this is the love that the healed souls of your ancestors are transmitting to you.
Meditate on this Mandala for 21 days and you will be filled with great energetic power, peace, and universal love.

Through you your loved ones will also receive support and joy, feel harmony and love.
Pass on a strong lineage with strong and powerful roots to your loved ones.
Let it be so!