Mandala for the Opening of the 3rd Eye


Meditation on this Mandala will give you a deep perception of reality and reveal your superpowers.
The mystical powers of this Mandala awaken intuition, inner vision, and cosmic awareness.
Concentration, memory, and vision are improved.
You will be able to discover new possibilities, gain greater awareness in life and find its meaning.

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Through meditation on this Mandala, superpowers are revealed. Cosmic energy refracts through the Mandala and crystallizes in the area of the 3rd eye. Energy is activated in the area of the ajna chakra. Strong will, consciousness, time management, and vision of the subtle plane will develop. The future and the past are revealed in terms of karmic experience given to the soul.

Meditating on the Mandala every day, you can gain confidence in yourself and the decisions you make.
The cosmic energy of the Mandala will reveal your rich imagination and visualization skills.
You will know how to behave with others in any kind of situation. You’ll sense other people’s intentions.

Meditate on the Mandala for the opening of the 3rd eye every day for 21 days and you will be able to stay more focused on the important things in life and look at many of them from a completely different perspective. You will reveal your higher predestination and be able to affect a change in this world to leave something good behind.
Allow yourself to look at life from a broader perspective.

It is beneficial for meditation to use special music of transformation, which will strengthen the effect of the practice.