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The package includes

● The Practice “Morning Meditation. The best day. How to lift your mood and gain self-confidence”. Today will be the best day of your life. Take a deep breath now, and with breathing out, feel that you, who were born beautiful, will shine, sparkle and enjoy every moment today.

● Music of Transformation “For achieving the goals.” Charge your drinking water with this music, and drink it every morning, and it will heal and charge you with energy.

● The Prayer “SUCCESS IN BUSINESS”. Read this prayer when you feel that you or your loved ones need physical or energy help.

● A mandala for opening up creative abilities.
Daily meditation on the Mandala, which opens up creative abilities, will give you confidence in the creative direction in which you want to develop. It will help develop imagination and creative thinking. You will acquire the qualities of an inspirational muse. Meditate on this ancient mandala so that the help of the Higher Powers will come immediately.


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