Practice cutting your connection with your ex-partner


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You have an energetic contact with any person with whom you interact. The stronger this emotional connection, the stronger this energetic contact. The stronger this connection, the more energy you give to your significant other.

There can be different situations in life. It can also happen that you will realize your partner is no longer the most important person in your life. You have already taken from each other everything that you could take and have already learned everything you can from one another. In this case, people break up, but the energetic contact between them remains. Can you imagine?

You cannot find new love and start new relationships because of an energetic contact with your past partner inside you. It is very important to remove the energetic contact in such a situation, to take and cut it like a thread that binds you.

What happens to a woman when she breaks or removes this energetic contact? All life force and all energy will return to her because she will stop giving it to her former partner. She will concentrate on her life goals.