The finding of a woman’s spirit helper, the golden fiery dragon

The Amulet of the Female Hearth

Since ancient times, women have been revered as the highest deity among the Aztecs. A woman is someone who possesses the sacred energy to give life or direct her energy to fulfill desires: her own, her lineage’s, or an entire continent’s. And today, women remain the same deity, but they do not know and do not remember their magical divine Power. This is the reason for failures in relationships, creating toxic relationships with an unsuitable partner, lack of life goals, fibroids, myomas, uterine tumors, and infertility.

With the help of the rite of finding woman’s spirit helper, the golden fiery dragon, you will be able to:
1. Make the right wise decisions in relationships with a partner. You will easily be able to influence your partner to value the relationship.
2. The spirit helper will suggest which words will calm the storm and return harmony to the relationship.
3. Protect yourself from unwanted relationships.
4. Attraction of wealth as a form of protection of the sacred energy of a woman. Providing comfortable and worthy living conditions.
5. Get help in raising children. The spirit helper will surround your child with care and protect them from unwanted situations.
6. Nighttime sleep therapy and restoration of the female Womb Power. Special energetic impact of the golden dragon during the slowdown of a woman’s biorhythm during sleep. Ancient Toltec magic.

My dear, the Woman’s Spirit Helper, the Golden Dragon, is a great help to us women in preserving our sacred energy and female happiness.


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