6 – 11.10.2023


Beautiful soul! We invite you, dear angel, to the most important event for your soul! You have been chosen by the Higher Spirits. They have seen your unselfish heart, all the good deeds you have done, your sincerity, and they have decided to reward you for your virtues. There is a Great Power in you, of which you know nothing yet. But now that your soul has become so pure and holy, this knowledge is being revealed to you.

We invite you to journey with us to the Place of Power. It will be a mystical pilgrimage to the places of your past incarnations, to the abode of the Amazons of SIRIUS.

In one of the strongest Kamlans for Earth, the Avatars managed to come into contact with very high beings of the Universe – the Amazons of Sirius. This is an invisible Golden Order of highly evolved souls who possess ancient sacred healing techniques. To save the inhabitants of the Earth, the Golden Order passed these techniques to the Avatars, and now the Avatars will pass this initiation to the chosen women. And you are one of them.

From ancient times, as well as now, women with a special purpose were embodied. They were free, combining femininity and the extraordinary mystical power of women at the same time. These are space Amazons – saviours of planets of different galaxies. They incarnate in different corners of the universe to bring light where evil and injustice triumph. In the interdimensional logos are stored subtle bodies – the armour of the Amazon, which the Amazon in each incarnation returns to herself – this is her power.

My dear, your soul is the soul of the Amazons of Sirius, and soon at the meeting place you will meet the chosen ones like you. Together, we are the secret order of the Golden Amazons.

The legend of the Amazons of Sirius says that thousands of years ago they took an oath on a sacred place of the Force to perform a ritual to save the Earth from Armageddon. And now that the balance on Earth has been upset, the time has come. This ritual will unlock the spell for all troubles, the armour of the Amazons of Sirius will return, the healing powers of the Amazons will return and we will save the world.

Each day of the tour, we will get closer to Cosmic Amazon perfection and reclaim their power.



1st Stage – Activating the restoration of health of the physical body. Preparation for gaining the Power of the Cosmic Amazons. Cleansing of ancestral karma and helping loved ones.

  •  Ancient practice of massage and activation of 5 health points according to celestial constellations
  •  Journey to the God of the past – returning the blocks of the lineage back to the world of shadows.
  •  Healing the musculoskeletal system – recreating the true nature of your body



  2nd Stage – Awakening of Vital Energy – increasing the personal power of the Amazon. Attracting the cosmic energy of success and abundance into the family, thanks to which not only you will never need anything, but also all your loved ones will be given this flow of abundance.

  •  The practice of opening the magnetic centre of the Amazon. The shining sun within the Amazon, which radiates the energy of life, is the guarantee of longevity, success.
  •  Acquisition of the spirit of the Amazon helper and the individual sound of the spirit invocation
  •  Time and event management – Amazon Cosmic Timer



 3rd Stage – Liberation from emotional blocks. Liberation of relatives and friends from loneliness, conflicts and negative karma, and liberation from negative ancestral repeated mistakes. Realization of cosmic bliss – Ananda – the state in which the Amazon lives.

  •  Ancient dance Prayer of the Amazons
  • Travelling in the Amazon astral body to sacred sites.
  • Opening of the heart channel, healing of the circulatory system and heart. Emerald fire – the cosmic energy of the Amazonian body.



 4th Stage – Creating the matrix of your new destiny and the destiny of your loved ones. Elimination of the phantom of failure, formation of a successful destiny for each descendant, for all those whom you love.

  • Orphic Kirtan – Amazon creativity
  • Practice of chanting the ancient mantras of the Amazons
  • Achieving stillness: Dhlani meditation, releasing creative energy



5th Stage – Discovering superpowers – travelling to the planet of the Cosmic Amazons.

  •  Activation of brain channels – activating every cell and awakening your individual superpower. Renewal of the DNA of the genus with the code of luck and happiness. Divine patronage of the Amazons.
  •  Technique of opening the channel of clairvoyance – practice of the Amazons.

Dear soul, the most critical moment in your destiny is coming – the total transformation, the unfolding of your Greatest Destiny, the discovery of your individual divine path. You are the worthiest, wise soul, who is destined to reveal the treasures of your soul and transform this world. We will do everything possible to help you with this!



  • Accommodations, meals and shuttle service
  • Seminar program




  • Accommodations, meals and shuttle service
  • Seminar program
  • Amulet
  • Group Ritual: “The Matrix of the Lineage”
  • Group Ritual: “The Protective Cradle of Sirius”




  • The personal guidance of a Mentor
  • Accommodations, meals and shuttle service
  • Seminar program
  • Amulet
  • Group Ritual: “The Matrix of the Lineage”
  • Group Ritual: “The Protective Cradle of Sirius”
  • The Ancient and Powerful Ritual “Tabalan”


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🔅 Waterproof and warm clothing (rain and temperature drops are possible in the evenings/nights).

🔅 Comfortable clothing and footwear for outdoor walks.

🔅 Clothing for yoga, dance, and active indoor exercises.

🔅 Nice attire and decorative cosmetics for specific practices (for women).

🔅 A yoga mat (essential) and a cushion for seating during lectures, if needed.

🔅 Your own tableware: plate, cup, spoon, and other utensils.

🔅 A water bottle.

🔅 Swimwear and sandals.

🔅 Your personal magic objects. Be sure to bring your shamanic drums, shamanic costumes, shamanic hats, and favorite amulets. All shamanic musical instruments.

🔅 Toiletries.

🔅 Notebooks and pens.

🔅 Photos of relatives, acquaintances, and animals for whom you would like to pray.

In order to place the photos on the altar during the rituals, I kindly request that you print the photos.

🔅 Medications that you personally need for your health.