Magic practice package “PLANETS”: Jupiter



☯️ This is a unique set of special practices, by doing which you can fill all your subtle bodies with vibrations and qualities corresponding to the planet Jupiter. During the practice, magic music sounds, symbolizing the door. After passing through this door, you will connect with the power and energy of the planet.

☯️ The mandala of the planet is the keyhole, and the chanted mantra is the key! Now you have in your hands a full set of elements that will allow you to absorb the power of the planet and receive all the benefits of this world!

☯️ The sacred dance will complete the process of attunement to subtle vibrations and allow your own body to become your guide to the world of energies. It is due to the fact that this set of practices affects all channels of perception. Many positive changes in life and destiny will occur quickly and easily.

☯️ Chanting the mantra of the planet and listening to the appropriate music of transformation during the video meditation affects the ear. Contemplation of the magical Mandala engages the visual channel. And in the temple dance, through the magical movements of the hands, sacral mudras, special positions of the body, we tune in with our whole body to the vibrations and energy of this Planet. We become a channel for the movement of the energy of the Planet, we tune in with it, conducting it into our life and acquiring the strong qualities of this Planet.

♃ The energy of the Planet passes through all your subtle bodies, changing their structure and endowing you with their qualities. Do these practices 21 days in a row, and your aura will begin to radiate light and energy and it will attract qualities bestowed by the planet Jupiter: enormous wealth, luck in all matters, expanding the scope of its influence on all processes of this world.

❇️ Jupiter is empowerment, stable income, prosperity and wealth. These practices will connect you to this planet and fill you with tremendous energy of wealth and success! When you gain the protection of this powerful planet of the god Zeus, then there will be enough wealth not only for your life, but also for all your descendants up to the seventh generation!

❇️ As you know, wealth comes to someone who knows how to generously share with others. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, and the most generous – it has as many as 63 satellites!

❇️ Therefore, if you really need empowerment, then the energy of Jupiter is absolutely necessary for you!


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